Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom park is organized into different areas, many representing different parts of the world.

The different lands allow guests to experience different cultures real or imagined.

Guests can enjoy authentic African street musicians or experience a road-side Dinosaur amusement park.

The areas of Animal Kingdom are:


Attractions – The attractions at Animal Kingdom allow guests to experience the newest technologies or a vast African savannah. Guests can ride an exhilarating rollercoaster or fly through the air on a Banshee.


Dining – The dining at Animal Kingdom allows guests to experience new, upscale cuisines, as well as character dining and great grab and go options.


Shopping – Shopping at Animal Kingdom affords guests the opportunity to collect unique Disney merchandise with a cultural flare. Guests can purchase souvenirs with a African, Asian or even Pandoran twist.


Entertainment – Animal Kingdom is home to some unique theme park entertainment. With all of there different cultures represented at the park guests are sure to experience something new.

Guest Services

Guest Services – Animal Kingdom has amenities to meet all your needs throughout the day. There are ATMs, a Baby Care Center, First Aid and Guest Experience Teams available to you.


Transportation – Getting to the park is half the fun itself. Here are the available options for traveling to and from Animal Kingdom.