Best Disney World Lands At Night

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Experiencing the parks during the day and at night are two completely different experiences. I thought it would be fun to look at which lands are best experienced at night.


Astro Orbitor
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I think number one on everyone’s list is Tomorrowland in Magic Kingdom. The kinetic energy of this land is unparalleled.

The Astro Orbiter swirling around above you and the Peoplemover passing through makes for a very lively area. It feels as though it is a space port.

The neon lights of the land are mesmerizing and pair nicely with the techno-ish soundtrack of the land.



The only one people might put before Tomorrowland is Pandora at Animal Kingdom.

Almost everything in the land takes on new life after the sun goes down. All plants and walkways glow fluorescent and make up the lighting for the area.

It is almost like an entirely new land from it’s daytime counter-part.

France Pavilion

France Pavilion
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While not necessarily a land per se the France Pavilion, at Epcot, at night is beautiful.

The lights down the fountain make for great photo ops. As you get deeper into the pavilion it feels as though you are spending an evening out in a small French town.

The expansion of this area with added streets and dining is only going to further this experience.

Sunset Boulevard

Tower of Terror
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Over in Hollywood Studios, Sunset Boulevard takes on new life at night anchored by the Tower of Terror.

The building sign begins to glow beckoning you down the street towards the guest screams.

The shops and street lights line the street making it feel like a real location.

When it’s working the Fantasmic! billboard screen is a nice added touch that you can only see at night.

Honorable Mention – Polynesian Village Resort

Polynesian Village Resort
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I wanted to throw an honorable mention to the Polynesian Village Resort. This resort adds new life when the sun falls.

The resort grounds are plush with vegetation that really remove your from Central Florida. Torches and lanterns are what provides your light here at night, adding to the authenticity.

The lobby ceiling is also glass which changes the whole lighting and feel of the area during the night.

Like the other Magic Kingdom resorts you can view the nighttime fireworks from the Poly. But at this resort you can do it beach side.

Also most nights there is a Luau dinner show which is another tick for the nighttime column.

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