China Pavilion

China is the third pavilion, located between Norway and Germany.

The pavilion is anchored by a giant replica of the Temple of Heaven. This building is acoustically perfect, meaning if you stand directly in the middle of the temple, look up and talk, it sounds very very different.

Temple of Heaven

You enter the pavilion through a large Chinese gate where you can explore the culture through its unique dining and shopping locations.

China Pavilion

China is one of the most immersive pavilions in the World Showcase. This is due large in part to their not being any theme park sites or sounds once you get to the back of the pavilion.


Reflections of China
  • Reflections of China – Located inside the Temple of Heaven this 360 film gives guests a tour of famous Chinese landmarks.


Lotus Blossom Cafe
  • Joy of Tea – This small kiosk located across the pavilion on the promenade features Chinese drinks and small bites.
  • Lotus Blossom Café – This quick service eatery located next to Nine Dragons serves classic Chinese cuisine.
  • Nine Dragons Restaurant – Located on the left, as you enter the pavilion, this table service dining locations serves classic Chinese cuisine. This location is one of the best values on property.


House of Good Fortune
  • Good Fortune Gifts – This kiosk is located across from the main pavilion and features authentic Chinese toys and souvenirs.
  • House of Good Fortune – This is the main shop of the pavilion, taking up a large portion. The winding store features many authentic Chinese goods.


China Pavilion