What is a MagicBand?

MagicBands are the new keys to the magic. The MagicBand replaces the typical room key but it can do much more than that.

The MagicBand is built with an RFID chip installed inside of it. This chip gains access to your room, allows room charges, entrance to theme parks and stores Genie+/Lighting Lane+ options.

Do not worry about random charges as this ability can be turned on or off, as well as a PIN is required to make purchases.

The band is made of a soft rubber and is worn on your wrist. The bands can be resized to fit children.

How It Works

When you approach the tapstiles at the park entrance simply tap the band and press your finger to enter.

If you want to make purchases or use your Genie+/Lighting Lane+ selections just touch your band against the respective touch pad.

The band will also be using for capturing your pictures from PhotoPass photographers and attractions.

Some attractions will use the chip inside the band to let you be part of the attraction. At Rock ‘N’ Rollercoaster your name might show up in one of the band posters in the queue.

Band Styles

MagicBands have become a great souvenir to collect. A free, basic color, MagicBand is included as part of your room reservation for each member of your party.

These resort bands allow you to pick your color and add a persons name to the back of it.

Disney also releases specialty graphic bands that you can purchase. Such as with Pin Trading there are different types of bands: open edition, limited release and limited edition bands. Many festivals, events and parties will have their own specialty band.

You are also able to purchase a graphic MagicBand at a discounted price as part of your resort reservation.

A lot of these bands will also make special lights and sounds when entering the park using this band. For example, the Tiki Room Band released for the 45th Anniversary lights green and sings the theme song.

To customize even further the RFID Mickey head can be removed from the MagicBand and inserted into a MagicKeeper. There are different types of MagicKeepers. All it does is allow you the same RFID benefits without being required to wear the band.