The Walt Disney World Resort is comprised of 25 owned and operated resorts as well as an additional 12 third party hotels on property.

The owned and operated resorts are broken out into five different categories:

Differences In Resort Category

The main differences between the resort categories are the different amenities provided to the guests and their location on property. A studio room at Disney’s Pop Century Resort will cost significantly less than a water-front cabin near Magic Kingdom at Boulder Ridge Villas.

Picking Your Resort

When it comes to picking your resort you just have to look at how you vacation. If you just need a place to sleep while you’re spending your day in the parks then a Value Resort is the way to go.

If you want slightly more theming immersion and better dining options then a Moderate Resort would be your choice. If you want to be right in the action or just want to spend time lounging around your resort then a Deluxe Resort or Deluxe Villa is the way to go.

Differences In Resort Theming

Each resort has its own specific theme that will help tell a story of where you are staying. You may want to pick your resort solely on this point. If you’re looking for a Hawaiian getaway you may choose Disney’s Polynesian Resort or if you’re in the need of some Southern charm then perhaps Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside or French Quarter.

Other Hotels On Property

We will also take a look at the third party hotels on site. They offer many of the same benefits as an owned and operated resort but at often less cost.