Doing A Split Stay At A Disney Resort

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Have you ever tried to book a resort stay and just couldn’t get the dates that worked for you? One solution around this is to book a split stay at two different resorts. Most times you’ll be able to find half a week at one resort and the other half at another.

Now, I know that this sounds like a lot of time but it is really not. In fact Disney handles most of the details and transfer for you.

Booking Your Rooms

Booking multiple rooms on the Disney site is very easy. All you have to do is put in your first set of dates and party size and add to your cart.

You can then either complete this transaction or add the second set of dates to your cart and complete as one.

Just make sure that your check-out date of the first reservation is the same as your check-in date of your second. I know this sounds like an obvious thing but it is easy to accidentally leave a gap day or overbook one night.

Then the only thing you have to do is set up two separate Magical Express reservations, if using the service. One for the airport to your arrival resort and one from your depature resort to the airport.

Bookin ADRs and FastPass Reservations

You do not need to worry about missing out on booking ADRs or FastPass+ reservations for the second resort stay as it will link to your first.

This means 180 days out from the check-in date of your first resort you will be able to book ADRs for days during your stay at the second resort. You will not need to wait for 180 days from the check-in of the second resort.

The same works at the 60 day window for FastPass+ reservations.

Transferring Luggage Between Resorts

The best part about doing a split stay as you do not need to worry about transferring your luggage!

Bell services at your first hotel will be able to help you set up a transfer of your bags from your current resort to your next one.

This means that in the morning you can bring your bags down to bell services, let them know you need a transfer and they will take care of everything while you head to the park.

At the end of your park day just get on the bus to your new resort. When you check-in to your room you can either grab your luggage yourself or have it brought up to your room!

Remember that tipping is customary for both the drop off and retrieval of your bags, typically $1-$2 per bag.

Just make sure you leave a few hours for your bags to get to the new resort.