Epcot Touring Tips For Rainy Days


The weather in Central Florida is one of the most unpredictable things about your Walt Disney World vacation.

You could be walking right down the middle of Main Street, U.S.A. and the heavens will open up your and start down pouring.

At this time a lot the guests tend to leave the park and head back to their resort. But I say stay in the park, there is plenty to do while raining. Also, the rain will typically not last long anyway.

In this series we’re going to take a look at things to do while it is raining at Walt Disney World.

Previously we toured Magic Kingdom, this week we’ll take a look at Epcot.

Future World

Spaceship Earth

We’ll split the park in it’s two halves and start in Future World.

Luckily here all of the pavilions are enclosed so you can head just about any direction.

There are pavilions that offer more than most.

West Side

If you’re nearer to West Side Innoventions I would head over to the The Seas With Nemo and Friends. Not necessarily for the Finding Nemo attraction itself but for the amazing aquarium they have in the pavilion.

This aquarium is one of the largest in the country. There are a ton of great exhibits offered here as well as fun actives for kids.

You could easily meander an hour or two around here.

I will give an additional nod the Pixar Short Film Festival. While it’s not something I would recommend for a regular park day, if the skies do open up it is a great place to kill a half hour or so.

Imagination Pavilion

East Side

If you’re nearer the East Side of Innoventions I recommend walking around Mouse Gear. It is the largest store inside any of the four parks and they have a lot of great items.

If a festival is going on this is a good place to find all of those items.

If you still have a couple of days left in your stay anything that you buy can be sent directly to your resort for pick-up.

If you want to do some attractions Spaceship Earth and Mission: SPACE are usually walk-ons or will have FastPass+ available.

Of course these recommendations will change when the new Play Pavilion takes over Wonders of Life. But that is still some time out.

World Showcase

World Showcase

Like Future World, nearly every World Showcase pavilion has an indoor space that you can head to. The average guest typically walks the perimeter of the countries and does not take the time to head into them.

I implore you to head inside. I was among these guests that never ventured in to the pavilions themselves and when I finally did I could not believe the years I spent walking right passed a lot of great Epcot gems.

The World Showcase is large so let’s take one stop at each of the countries. We’ll break it out into a quick little guide.

  • Canada: The O’ Canada movie here starring Martin Short is a great way to avoid the rain.
  • United Kingdom: Head into the Rose & Crown Pub for a realistic pub experience or head into The Tea Caddy across the way for some unique snacks.
  • France: Impressions de France is often lauded as the best of the Circle-Vision movies in World Showcase you can watch this or head right to Les Halles Boulangerie & Patisserie a great bakery in the back of the pavilion at the Impressions de France exit gift shop.
  • Morocco: I feel this pavilion goes on forever, there are tons of great marketplace shops here.
  • Japan: The Mitsukoshi Department Store here is an authentic store from Japan, in fact it is not even run by Disney. There are unique souvenirs and snacks from Japan available here.
  • American Adventure: The show at this pavilion is a must-see. It is a movie featuring dozens of animatronics telling the history of America. It is also about 45 minutes so it is great for a rainy day.
  • Italy: The Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar is a great place to sit and enjoy the flavors of Italy. This place is tucked off to the side and is typically not that busy.
  • Germany: The shops here are all interconnected and great to walk around. The place you’ll want to hit though is Karamell-Küche where the chocolate caramel candies are made.
  • China: Reflections of China is another great Circle-Vision movie taking you on a tour of China. A fun thing to do here is stand in the center of The Temple of Heaven look straight up and speak and listen to what you hear. This building is acoustically perfect.
  • Norway: Of course what you want to hit here is Frozen Ever After but since the queue is usually out the building that is not where you will want to be in the rain. I suggest heading over to Kringla Bakeri go Kafe and grabbing some School Bread. You can sit in the covered seating area or take it over to the Stave Church and enjoy that exhibit.
  • Mexico: Head into the pyramid of this pavilion and you will enter the Plaza de Los Amigos. A setting of nighttime street vendors. These is great shopping, a tequila bar as well as the Gran Fiesta Tour attraction.
UK Pavilion

I will throw a nod in this park that there are great resorts right outside the International Gateway entrance of this park that you can head to.

What are some of the things you do when visiting Epcot in the rain? Let me know!

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