An Introduction to Epcot

Epcot is the second gate to open at Walt Disney World. October 1, 1982 the Future began at Disney World. Epcot was originally intended be a real city called the Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow. 

The idea of E.P.C.O.T. the city was to utilized technological advancements to work, live and travel in a cleaner, more efficient style.

When Walt passed this idea of a city was abandoned. Epcot the park, then known as Epcot Center, was then split into two different gates. One gate was to be fore guests to explore the future and the other would be a World’s Fair for guests to explore different cultures.

It was ultimately decided to literally push the two ideas together to create what we know today as Epcot.

Guests here are encouraged to explore and learn through the different Pavilions across the park.

Future World

In Future World guests are invited to explore the future through attractions and interactive exhibits. This part of the park is home to several pavilions gathering different ideas.

World Showcase

Epcot also hosts 11 different countries from across the world. 

Guests are able to learn about the culture of the places through interacting with the cast members who are from these areas, exploring the exhibits and enjoying the cuisine.

Guests can also explore The Outpost and The World Showcase Promenade.


Attractions – The attractions at Epcot are some guests favorites on property. On Soarin’ Around The World guests can take flight to some of the most famous landmarks in the world.

Guests can then head to World Showcase and visit many of these countries!


Dining – The dining locations in Epcot are truly unique. Each country pavilion offers different options that allow guess to try new cuisines. Guests are able to take a culinary tour of the world in an afternoon!


Shopping – Much like the dining, the shopping options at Epcot are vast. Epcot has the honor of having the largest theme park shop on property at Mouse Gear.

Guests can explore World Showcase and purchase unique finds to a theme park.


Entertainment – There are tons of entertainment options at Epcot.

Many of your favorite different characters are visiting Epcot just like you! You can find them all over the park. The pavilions feature exhibits that permit you to learn about different cultures and parts of your environment.

Guest Services

Guest Services – Epcot has amenities to meet all your needs throughout the day. There are ATMs, a Baby Care Center, First Aid and Guest Experience Teams available to you.


Transportation – Getting to the park is half the fun itself. Here are the available options for traveling to and from Epcot.