Germany Pavilion

Germany is the fourth pavilion of World Showcase, settled between China and Italy.

Germany is one of the most lively pavilions with its multiple shopping and dining locations. Octoberfest is celebrated every day in the Germany Pavilion.

Guests can indulge in popular German pretzels and grapefruit beer.

Located outside the pavilion, next to The Outpost, is a popular small village train. This village even gets decorate for all of the different Epcot festivals.

Germany Pavilion


The Germany Pavilion does not feature any attractions.


  • Biergarten Restaurant – At Biergarten guests can celebrate Octoberfest every day. Families will sit with other guests at long tables enjoying authentic German cuisine and live music.
  • Sommerfest – Sommerfest features vintage German snacks like sausage and strudel


  • Das Kaufhaus – Das Kaufhaus, located on the right side of the pavilion, sells vintage German clothing.
  • Der Teddybar – Der Teddybar carries German toys and gifts.
  • Die Weihnachts Ecke – This location features German Christmas items.
  • Glaskunst – Glaskunst is home to German glassware and steins.
  • Karamell-Küche – This candy store, located near the front of the pavilion, sells all different types of caramel sweets made in the store.
  • Kunstarbeit in Kristall – This is the Arribas Brothers location of the Germany Pavilion.
  • Stein Haus – Located in the back of the pavilion, this location carries vintage crafted German steins.
  • Volkskunst – Volkskunst carries vintage German decorations and wears, including Cuckoo clocks.
  • Weinkeller – Located in the back of the pavilion, Weinkeller features German wines and spirits.