Getting Groceries To Your Disney Resort Room

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One of the easiest ways to save Monday on your Disney vacation is curbing food costs. One way to do this is to have some small items in your room. Or if you have a 1 Bedroom or larger you can cook full meals.

Most people, however, will be staying in a Studio which does not come with much. You can, still, get a case of water, soft drinks, alcohol and snacks such as protein bars.

I will recommend though if you have the option between a Studio or a Deluxe Studio (DVC type room) opt for the Deluxe. You can usually pay cash for these, not just use DVC points.

The Deluxe studios come with a toaster and microwave giving you more options. The cost per night is usually the same or slightly higher by a few dollars per night.

But what are the best ways to get these groceries to your room? Let’s take a look!

Resort Store

While I do not recommend this option because the price is so high I thought it was worth mentioning. Most resorts have a sundries store which will carry some grocery items. The resorts with DVC resorts attached will offer much more variety.

The cost is very high so it is not a good option for getting items to last a week, maybe one or two items.

It is worth noting if you are staying DVC you can fill out and order form before arriving for your resort store and when you check in you will have a full fridge and cabinets with your order.

Garden Grocer

Garden Grocer is essentially an online grocery store. You can place your order, including alcohol, and choose a delivery time and day. I have used this service multiple times.

Garden Grocer will then pick up the items you order, tack on a delivery fee and drop off to bell services at your resort.

Bell services does now add on a flat fee of $5 for grocery delivery and tipping is customary.

The prices are reasonable and much better than the resort store.

A good tip, if you want an early delivery, is to go ahead and throw on a bag of ice. They’ll want to get that order delivered first. It will cost you only about an extra $2.

Amazon Prime Now

Much like Garden Grocer you can use your Amazon account to deliver to your resort.

Most Prime Now orders can be delivered within 2 hours and you can still pick your delivery window.

Amazon will deliver to bell services and that same $5 fee will apply.


Another good option is to either take your rental car or use a ride share service and go to Publix.

Publix is a southern grocery store very popular with locals. The prices here are very good. This option will get you the most for your money.

There is a Publix on Route 535 in Windermere, about 10 minutes North of Magic Kingdom.

Depending where you are on property there may be a Target or Walmart that is closer.

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