Getting To Universal From Disney Property

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If you are utilizing Disney’s transportation services, including Magical Express, getting to Universal Studios may seem like an impossible task.

However, as rider share services grow the trek has become so much easier in recent years.

For families looking to do a split stay or just spend a day or two at Universal Studios there are multiple options for getting between properties.

Let’s take a look at what some of these are.

Lyft/Uber Ride Share Service

As long as you do not have a super large party, typically over 6 people, taking a Lyft or Uber will most likely be your best bet.

You can call these services by yourself, on demand, and pair a fairly cheap rate between the two locations. It will roughly run you anywhere from $35-$50 for a single way trip. If you can get your whole family in one car, this will be the most cost efficient option.

Ride Share pick-up and drop-off locations are becoming more prominent at both resorts. Navigating this service is, in my opinion, the easiest and most efficient choice.


Much like the ride share service, guests can order a taxi. The taxi typically cost more and cannot be managed via an app.

The choice between taxi and ride share is really on user preference and comfort. Chances are though, if you’re utilizing Minnie Vans, you already have the Lyft app set up on your phone.

When it comes between the two services, I would go with ride share. But the taxi option is there for those who do not like to load their credit card into apps.

Bus/Shuttle Service

There are many companies, like Mears, that will run shuttles and busses between the two properties.

If you have a larger family size this will be the best option as you will all be able to ride together. The downside is that the cost per person will be higher than a car service. But on average you will be spending about ~$20 per person for a round trip.

These busses/shuttles will pick you up and drop you off at certain times, so you will be on their schedule.

This service will also stop at multiple resorts across property before heading to Universal Studios. Vice versa, at the end of the day your resort may not be the first stop.

As you can see the options are out there no matter the party size and budget. You do not have to worry about being trapped if you do not have a rental car.

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