How Rider Switch Works

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What Is Rider Switch

Many guests are unaware but if you are traveling with children of different ages or someone who simply does not want to board the attraction, they can utilize a system call ‘Rider Switch’ at select attractions.

This system allows one adult to wait with the person who does not want to or cannot board the attraction while the rest of their parties waits in line and boards the attraction.

Once the rest of the party returns the adult who waited, and up to 2 additional guests, can board the attraction bypassing the stand-by line.

The guests must get get a pass from the Cast Member out front of the attraction.

Benefits of Rider Switch

The benefit to Rider Switch as the member of the party who wishes to enjoy the attraction does not have to wait in the stand-by line again.

For example, if you are a family of four and one child does not meet the height requirement, one adult can take the child who meets the requirement through the regular line to enjoy the attraction, after meeting with the Cast Member.

Once the first adult and child returns the adult who waited can then enjoy the attraction with the first child, essentially utilizing a FastPass.

The system allows all who want to enjoy the attraction the ability to do so.

The system is not strictly for those who do not meet the height requirement, it can be any reason at all.

Which Attractions Offer Rider Switch

The following attractions offer the Rider Switch service:

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