How To Choose The Right Resort For Me

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Walt Disney World has no shortage of resort options. Across the five categories there are more than 20 resorts.

A lot of factors come into play when deciding which resort is right for you and your family?

Among the biggest being cost and how you use the resort.

Let’s take a look at some items to help you determine what is right for you.

Resorts Overview

Disney resorts are available in five different categories:

Campgrounds and Values have the most basic resort amenities and work their way up to the most luxurious category being a Deluxe Villa.

Each Disney resort has its own specific theming and amenities that differentiate each.

I would recommend choosing one resort from the Value, Moderate and Deluxe category and then continuing on to determine which resort you should choose.

Resort Cost

Obviously the biggest factor that comes into play when selecting a Disney resort is cost. The room will certainly be the largest expense of your trip, more than tickets, food and merchandise.

The Value resorts are the cheapest of the rooms working their way up to the Deluxe resorts.

Value resorts will give you basic room accommodations and minimal dining options available, usually just a single food court and a pool bar.

The Deluxe resorts will have varying room types with multiple accommodation types; studios all the way up to 3 bedroom grand villas.

Deluxe resorts will also have more dining options available, such as quick service, table service, lounges and grab and go options.

Really how you use your room will determine the cost you want to pay.

How You Use Your Room

If your family is ‘in the parks all day and all night’ type then you really will not care what amenities your resort has to offer.

If this is the case I would go with a Value or Moderate resort type. You’ll only really need the room as a place to sleep as all of your time and meals will be spent out in the parks.

Going with a Value or Moderate at that lower room rate can also allow you stay longer as the room costs less per night than a Deluxe.

It is worth noting that the Value resorts are not too close to many of the theme parks, so you will spend more time traveling.

If you enjoy a more leisurely vacation, want to spend time at the resort pool or head back to from the parks during the day to relax then you will want to book a Moderate or Deluxe resort.

The Moderates are close enough to the parks for easy accessibility during the day and offer fairly good resort accommodations to fill out some of your day.

Many of the Deluxe resorts are literally steps away from Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Hollywood Studios. I recommend checking out our transportation section of the site to see which resorts offer quick access to the parks.

The Size of Your Party

If your traveling with a large party, or multi-families, it may be worth checking out the villas at the Deluxe Villa resorts.

The villas offer a lot of ‘home away from home’ commodities, such as a full kitchen and laundry.

This will allow your party to stay in one large suite, with lock-off bedrooms. You can make and enjoy meals right in the resort, saving a ton of money on food in the parks.

Also, having that laundry right in room is a great. You can pack less and save space and possibly airline overage fees.

I know that no one wants to cook and do laundry on vacation but it is nice to have and a great way to curb some of the daily costs.

What’s Right For Me

Now that we’ve looked at the biggest factors involved with choosing a room let’s break down what is right for you.

Least Expensive
Minimal Amenities
Far From Majority of Parks
Great For Small Parties
Potential For Longer Stays
Great For Park Touring

Moderately Expensive
Fair Amenities
Near Parks
Great For Small-Medium Parties
Potential For Longer Stays
Great For Park Touring

Vast Amenities
Closest To Parks
Great For Large Parties
Great For Enjoying Resort

Deluxe Villa
Most Expensive
Most Amenities
Closest To Parks
Great For Large Parties
Full Kitchen
In-Room Laundry
Great For Enjoying Resort

It is worth noting that no matter your resort category you still get many of the same vacation perks, such as:

Now that you have an understanding of each resort category you can choose which resort, and theming, is right for you in those different categories.