How to Get Your Disney Fix Away From the Parks

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Many of us do not have the benefit of living a quick drive away from the Walt Disney World gates. But that does’t mean that we still cannot get our fix when away from the resort.

There are many ways that you can sneak Disney into your every day life that help make you feel like you’re there. Let’s take a look at some of these ways.

Listen To Park Music

With the internet today there is no shortage on park music availability. You can simply go onto YouTube and search for ‘Disney World Background Music’ and some of your favorite rides and areas will come up.

I like to listen to certain tracks that can take me away to a specific time and place. It helps pass away the monotonous work day.

I’m particularly a fan of the background music for Tomorrowland.

Buy Joffrey’s Coffee Online

I know there is a huge divide in the Disney community about Joffrey’s coffee, I personally like it. It’s something that is a direct tie to Disney. I also may still be bitter about Starbucks taking over of the Main Street Bakery.

But did you know that you can buy a lot of the coffee that they serve in the parks online and deliver it to your house?

Joffrey’s has a whole parks and resort collection online. You can get the French Roast and feel like you’ve woken up at a Disney Resort. You can get The Wave and feel like you’re enjoying a meal at Contemporary.

My personal favorite though is Aulani. It may not be the exact coffee they have over there but it brings me back to a place I may never be fortunate enough to visit again.

They’re also selling the limited edition Mickey’s 90th blend online.

Make Disney Recipes

One of the items I like to pick up when I visit Disney World is their latest cookbook. There have been a few editions of the different Epcot festival cookbooks that come out as well as standard ones.

They might not be the easiest thing to make but it is fun to try and replicate a favorite dish from the parks.

ShopDisney has the standard Chef Mickey book available online. Amazon also has a very good un-official cookbook with a lot of recipes collected by David Kennedy from the Disney chefs.

My wife and I will also try and just re-create some of our favorite festival dishes the best we can based on our complete festival passports.

Catch the Disney Parks Live Streams

Over the past couple of years the Disney Parks Live streams have been stepping up their game. What used to be a onesy-twosy kind of thing has turned into almost a stream every other month.

If there is a major holiday you can expect to catch the special fireworks or parade associated with it.

With all the new land openings and anniversaries special streams have been added for dedications.

Last year they even went to 3 of the 4 parks for just an early morning awakening of the park. You just got to watch the sunrise on Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Animal Kingdom.

It is a good way to feel like part of the action from anywhere.

Go To Your Local Disney Store

Now we can be honest – your local Disney store is no World of Disney or Mouse Gear but it does get the job done.

You can still look through a similar collection of items they’re selling in the gift shops. Depending on where you live you might even be able to get some park items.

But one of the main reasons you go is to interact with Cast Members. You get the same cheery CMs in your small town as you do down in Disney World.

What are some of the things that you do to capture that Disney World magic at home? Let me know!