How To Use The New Park Pass System

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Disney has released its long awaited Park Reservation system as of June 22 for guests with resort reservations.

Since we have a trip planned we were able to experience this process. Not much information was shared prior to the system being implemented so we though we would share our experience and offer some direction below.

The first step is to access the Park Reservation from this site: Trying to access via My Disney Experience or does not seem to work at time of post. It is important to note that reservations cannot be currently made through the My Disney Experience App.

When you access the site you will be put into a queue with a timer. My recommendation is to get a couple browsers going with this link. My first timer hit 0, reset to 30 setons and then loaded a blank screen. But we already had another timer going in a separate browser (Chrome seemed to work better) so we did not have to wait long.

Once you have access the site you will have to select your travel party. All members of you party must have theme park admission.

Once you select our party and continue you will be taken to a calendar where you can pick your park days one at time.

Once your date is selected you will be able to select the theme park you wish to visit. As of right now there is no park hopping allowed.

Once your park is selected you can continue to where you will need to pick an arrival time.

Once you select your time you will be taken to a confirmation page where you must agree you a COVID-19 lability waiver.

Upon confirmation you should see a confirmation page which will guarantee you and your party access to the selected park at the selected time.

On the same page you will be provided some arrival information as well as the ability to make another park pass. Just repeat all the steps for each day of your trip.

That is a simple explanation of our experience booking the new Park Pass system. How did you fare in booking your reservations? Let us know!