Mission: SPACE Pavilion

Opening in 2003, Mission: SPACE took over the pavilion once held by Horizons.

The pavilion features the Mission: SPACE attraction which provides two versions of the attraction. The green mission, an easier trip around Earth and the orange mission, a more intense trip to Mars.

The pavilion features plaques showcasing amount quotes from those involved in the space program.



Concept art for Space 220 restaurant.

Space 220 – This space themed restaurant will transport guests to a satellite 220 miles above Earth for their dining experience. They will accomplish this through the use of screens in place of windows.


  • Mission: SPACE Cargo Bay – Located at the exit of Mission: SPACE guests can purchase Star Wars and attraction merchandise. Guests can also purchase some unique items such as astronaut food.


  • Advanced Training Lab – This area of interactive games allows guests to compete in space themed challenges.