New Dining Information Released From Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort

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Three Bridges Bar & Grill

Sitting in the middle of Lago Dorado, the lake at Coronado Springs will be ‘Three Bridges Bar & Grill’.

This menu will feature entrées as well as tapas style dining. Guests can indulge in sandwiches, wings and stuffed mushrooms.

For larger meals consider the braised pork tacos, lamb chops or skirt steak. To me the crispy chicken sliders look like my first go to!

For dessert you can savor a vanilla custard Mickey tart!

For drinks you can enjoy house-mad sangria, craft beers or wines from Spain and California.

Dahlia Lounge

Located rooftop of the new Gran Destino Tower, Dahlia Lounge will provide guests with great drinks and even more amazing views!

The theming of the dining will feature whimsical lighting and vibrant colors.

The menu here will be serving tapas and plated meals along with the wines selected by the house sommelier.

Some of the dining options here include mussels, oil-poached tuna, potato omelettes and head-on prawns.

Barcelona Lounge

In the lower lobby of Gran Destino Tower guests will find Barcelona Lounge.

This dining location will include coffee, Spanish and American pastries as well as healthier options.

As afternoon rolls around the lounge changes over to providing cocktails and small plates.

The most interesting item here is the house-crafted signature Gran Destino Gin Tonic. Signature drinks are always a must try.

The lounge will also serve wines and craft beers. The small plates will included cheeses and hummus.

All three new dining locations are set to open in July along with Gran Destino Tower!