New Information Released On How Guests Can Interact at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

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Guests who will be visiting Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will be excited to hear how Disney plans on letting guests interact with their environment.

The Play Disney Parks mobile app will be your key to becoming part of the story. Opening the app in the land will enable to guests to hack, scan and translate the items that are around them.

With the hacking feature guests will be able to open certain door panels and access droids. Access droids will let you view the memories of their adventures helping to extend the story.

The scanning tool will allow guests to look inside different cargo crates around Galaxy’s Edge.

Using the translation tool will allow guests to translate the different signs around Black Spire Outpost. Part of the translation tool will be tuning which will let you decrypt different types of communication devices.

Different games will also be available throughout the land. One being”Outpost Control” where guests will help either the Resistance or the First Order, your choice, to gain control of the surveillance devices across the land.

Inside Millennium Flacon: Smugglers Run guests will be able to take on jobs from Hondo Ohnaka to complete various tasks and get ready for your ride.

Guests will need to have the Play Disney Parks app installed to enjoy all of these offerings.