Single Day At Epcot

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Today we are continuing our series of how to get the most of a park in just a single day.

Previously we visited Magic Kingdom park, today, as you guessed it, we will be exploring Epcot.

Epcot is such a huge park, with so many nooks and crannies that even if you had two days you still would not see it all.

So we’ll look at the things you can get done in a single day for a fulfilling trip.

Where To Start?

Epcot is a very large theme park with so much to see and do. However, once you exit Future World and enter World Showcase, navigating is pretty simple.

As stated before be sure to grab whatever 3 FastPasses you can get. Try to group them all for earlier in the day. Once you use these initial 3 you can continue to book more throughout the day one at a time.

The issue we have with Epcot, that we didn’t at Magic Kingdom, is that the FastPasses here are tiered. This means we’ll only get to do one e-ticket attraction. So pick between Soarin’, Test Track and Frozen. Then I recommend also grabbing Spaceship Earth, making this your first, and Mission: SPACE.

The third FastPass is almost a throwaway as you probably won’t need it. However, you might as well take it in case there is a chance to book another one of those e-tickets.

Navigating The Park

Future World

Assuming you entered through the main gate and not International Gateway, we’re going to start in Future World.

If you have that FastPass for Spaceship Earth go ahead and use it, as you will be walking right by. Although this line clears up by mid-day you do not want to trek all the way back.

Depending on if you got a FastPass for Test Track or Soarin’ you can head in the direction next, left or right.

For this sake we’ll head left. Use that FastPass for Test Track, there is also a single-rider line here, and get that under your belt.

You can then head to Mission: SPACE as this is more often a walk on.

Once you’ve enjoyed these pavilions we can head to the other side of Future World.

If you do not have a Soarin’ FastPass you will still be able to walk on Living With The Land, Journey Into Imagination and The Seas with Nemo and Friends.

The Seas Pavilion is also home to SeaBase, which is one of the countries largest indoor aquariums; it is definitely worth spending a half hour or so checking out.

World Showcase

At this point you’ve pretty much explored all of Future World and probably have quite the appetite brewing.

It’s not time to head back into World Showcase, the perfect place to snack.

World Showcase is home to 11 pavilions representing different countries and their cultures. Many feature different exhibits, shops and attractions.

This part of the day is pretty easy as you can just spend your time meandering through the different pavilions while waiting for ‘Epcot Forever’ to start, around 9:00PM.

The 11 pavilions are Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, The American Adventure, Japan, Morocco, France, The UK and Canada.

We usually start in Mexico, grab a margarita and make our way clock-wise around World Showcase Lagoon, ending in Canada. But there’s no wrong way to explore!

When the nighttime show ends, be sure to hang back a bit in World Showcase. Everyone will be rushing to the buses, monorail or Skyliner to get back to their resort.

But you have some time, so enjoy a fairly empty, dark World Showcase!