Single Day At The Magic Kingdom

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In the spirit of touring tips we wanted to look at a single day plan for each of the four parks.

We tend to do a lot of weekend trips where we have to fit as much as we can into a single day to feel as though we truly received the cost benefit.

I have been asked this question multiple times of “I have one day at Magic Kingdom, what are the things that I need to do?”. There are certainly some must-dos and things you can skip right by.

We’re going to start a mini series of how to get the most out of a park in a single day.

There is no better place to start than at Magic Kingdom.

Where To Start?

The Magic Kingdom may not be the largest of the parks size-wise, but it sure does have a lot do to there. Between all of the attractions, entertainment, shopping and dining there is just no way to fit it all in one day.

But, we do not have to try and fit it all in one day. There are certain things you can experience to give you a fulfilling day!

First things first, be sure to grab whatever 3 FastPasses you can get. Try to group them all for earlier in the day. Once you use these initial 3 you can continue to book more throughout the day one at a time.

I recommend trying to grab Seven Dwarfs, Thunder Mountain and Space Mountain. If you have younger guests try to grab Peter Pan’s Flight in lieu of one of the thrill rides.

Navigating The Park

The easiest and most time efficient way for getting around the park would be once you get to the end of Main Street, U.S.A. And either go left To Adventureland or right to Tomorrowland.

Then stick to the perimeter of the park as you tour around. Obviously, with whatever FastPasses you are able to get you may have to jump around here and there.

Magic Kingdom In A Day

Main Street, U.S.A.

On Main Street you can either begin or end your day here. A majority of what you can do here is shopping. While there are definitely unique shops across the park the Emporium is where you will find a majority of your souvenirs.

Main Street and Frontierland are home to the Magic Kingdom parade routes. Be sure to check your times guide for the dance parties and find a spot for the 3 o’clock parade.


In Adventureland be sure to hit The Enchanted Tiki Room. This will be a walk in show that is rich with history. While not the most thrilling it is still a great show!

Pirates of the Caribbean may not be a walk one but the queue is long and moves fast. If it’s anywhere around a 20 minute wait head on it as you won’t be waiting that long.


Splash and Thunder mountain tend to garner long waits depending on the time of year. If either if these have a 20 or so minute wait feel free to get in line. They both have long queues so you may not be waiting that long.

But jump into Country Bear Jamboree. This classic, opening day attraction is both entertaining and funny. It’s a small cozy theater to get you out of the elements for a few minutes.

Liberty Square

Liberty Square is home to The Haunted Mansion. This classic attraction is worth the wait. The attraction is continuously loading so the wait isn’t too bad. But can you really say you visited the Magic Kingdom without riding Haunted Mansion?

If this attraction is one of your favorites be sure to check out the dedicated shop, Memento Mori.

There is also a great Muppet show here in Liberty Square. It takes place in one of the buildings next to The Hall of Presidents. Happening a few times a day guests can watch the Muppets re-tell stories from America’s History.

Also, if you’re hungry at this point I would recommend a snack at Sleepy Hollow. They have some great waffle sandwiches, Both a savory and sweet one.


Fantasyland is home to tons of great attractions, shopping and snacks!

You will have no issue walking on “it’s a small world”, The Little Mermaid, The Carrousel or The Mad Tea Party.

These are all great “filler” attractions. I am sure they are someones favorite but these attractions tend to have no wait times.

We’ve mentioned it before in your Best Quick Service post, but the loaded tots at Friar’s Nook are a must get snack. This is a stop for us every trip.

The shops here tend to all have a great story-telling theme, definitely be sure to check out Sir Mickey’s.


Tomorrowland features two of the best walk-on attractions at Magic Kingdom; The PeopleMover and Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress.

There is hardly ever a wait for either of this quintessential attractions.

The PeopleMover will take you on an overhead tour of the land, it is a great way to get views of the land and take a break from walking.

Carousel of Progress is a 20 minute stage show featuring audio-animatronics. It is the longest running stage show in American history, making its debut at the 1964 New York World’s Fair.


While there are not many table service restaurants here reservations are typically easy to come by. A couple great places that usually have availability for lunch and dinner are The Plaza Restaurant and Skipper Canteen.

Beyond table service you have tons of quick service options. We mentioned two of our favorites above in Sleepy Hollow and and Friar’s Nook. But Columbia Harbor House and Pecos Bill are other great choices.

To really save time be sure to use Mobile Ordering to order ahead. This can save you tons of time, especially at those peak meal periods.

Nighttime Fireworks

If you’re staying for the nighttime fireworks show, Happily Ever After, there are some uncharge dessert parties that you can partake in.

The show features projections on the castle, meaning you will want to be fairly close. The parties can reserve spots for you so you can spend less time waiting around.

But honestly, on multiple occasions we have walked up to the Hub 15 minutes before showtime and found great spots. This will obviously be difficult for larger parties, but if there is only 2-4 of you, you should have no issue.

There you have it, all the things you can hit in a single day at Magic Kingdom.

If you really want to extend your day you can see if any Specialty Ticketed Events are happening while you visit!