Small World Touring Introduction

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Hey everyone so I realized I was busy trying to start getting some information out there to help book trips that I zipped right by what this blog is about.

To start I have been going to the parks every few years all my life. A few years ago I became an out of state AP holder and have been making more frequent trips. I have done stays from as few as three days up to fourteen. No matter how long, or far in advance, you plan on going there is a lot that goes into booking a Walt Disney World Resort vacation. A lot of people I know come to me when booking, a lot of beginners, so I thought I would start this blog to try and help those people out.

Here we will look at all the different aspects that go into planning a trip and I will incorporate my thoughts and experiences into that. A lot of blogs and sites provide the local perspective and breaking Disney World News..I am up here in MA and they can provide news better than I can so we will be avoiding all of that. I will write in the perspective of someone who is an avid Disney fan and recommend all the places that really help you capture the Disney magic.

We’ll look at planning tips and how to best utilize the vast amount of tools Walt Disney World Resort provides you. I will recommend all the third party planning sites that I use as well when booking a trip. We’ll go through lists of best picks of where to eat, stay and play. It will be something that you can take with you in the park so you know the best place to head since the Resort can be a bit overwhelming. I will offer my honest opinion – if I think something is a waste of your precious time or money while on vacation I will let you know.

This blog will also provide fun history and items of interest to help pass the time while we are away from our favorite place on Earth.

So journey with me now to the dawn of recorded time and let’s begin!