Star Wars Galactic Dessert Party Review

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Event Info

  • Cost: $79 per adult (age 10 and over) and $45 per child (ages 3 to 9) (in addition to park admission)
  • Park: Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Star Wars Launch Bay
  • Availability: Nightly at 8:00 pm
  • Age Group: Appropriate for All Ages
  • Accessibility Information: Wheelchairs and ECVs can be accommodated.

The Star Wars Galactic Dessert Party is one of two dessert party options available at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (the other being Fantasmic! Dessert & VIP Viewing Experience, review found here).  

With so many dessert party options, it can be difficult to determine what is best for your group.  Here, we break it down step-by-step.

Arrival/Check-In Process: 9/10

It can be difficult to check in for an evening event at the end of a long day in the park.  I would rate this event as one of the easiest ones to check into.  

As with most of the special ticketed events, Disney advises guests to arrive earlier than the event for check-in.  

We arrived at the podium in front of Star Wars Launch Bay about 15 minutes before the event was to start.  There were just a few people waiting ahead of us.  We checked in and received lanyards for the event and headed into the Launch Bay.

I found this event easier to navigate to compared to other special ticketed events.  Also, not having to wait 45 minutes to get into an event I already have tickets for is huge.  

Sometimes, towards the end of the day, it can be hard to wait in one more line, or frustrating to be unsure of where to go.  I appreciated the ease of finding check-in.

Inside Launch Bay

Once you enter the Launch Bay, you can help yourself to food and drinks, or take advantage of the Meet and Greets.  We did a little of both!

Meet and Greets

We loved having the opportunity to meet Chewbacca, Kylo Ren, and BB8.  There have been times when the Chewbacca wait time can be up to two hours! At this event, we were looking at times of 5-20 minutes.  

We chose to meet Chewbacca and Kylo Ren, take some time to eat, and then if we had time, we’d see BB8 afterwards.  We were enjoying the food and beverages so much, we ended up skipping the BB8 Meet and Greet.

We didn’t feel rushed through either Meet and Greet.  Disney Photo Pass was there for photos, and we got several great photos from these Meet and Greets.  

With so much else to do in Hollywood Studios, sometimes Meet and Greets get pushed to the back burner (really, who has 2 hours to wait in line?).  Having the opportunity to meet these characters really felt VIP. 

Food & Beverage

We were pleasantly surprised by the spread offered at this “dessert” party.  

Often when we attend these events, it takes careful planning of ADRs and making sure we’re ready to get our money’s worth of dessert without arriving hangry.  

With a mix of appetizers and dessert, you can make a light meal out of the event.

Food Options

I love dessert, but I don’t like having it as my dinner (especially if I’m doing a couple dessert parties on my vacation).  It was great to see some savory options, including:

  • Skewers of tomato and provolone (supposed to be lightsabers?)
  • Skewers of green olives and cheddar
  • Skewers of fruit
  • Roasted Red Pepper Hummus & smoked sea-salted flatbread
  • Black bean dip with sriracha sauce & smoked sea-salted flatbread

We helped ourselves to these options before switching over to dessert.  It was good to enjoy some actual food, and the buffet style allowed us to take what we wanted.  

It was also convenient to have finger foods, so if you wanted to find a spot just to stand and enjoy your food, you didn’t have to worry about using utensils. 

 I also appreciated that the appetizers were basic, so even if you’re traveling with picky eaters, there are options.

The desserts were also very good and well-themed, including:

  • Blue milk panna cotta with crispy pearls
  • Warm bread pudding
  • Assorted cookies shaped like Star Wars characters
  • Themed cupcakes
  • Freeze-dried chocolate hazelnut (Nutella) mousse and raspberry mouse domes 

The freeze-dried mousse was a pretty neat experience to see the liquid nitrogren in action; seemed very space-like.  It was also delicious.  

I loved that all the food was themed to Star Wars and was unique to that event.  

While I enjoy the other dessert parties, if you have the luxury of attending multiple during one vacation, the food options can get a bit redundant.

Beverage Options

The bar was just a small stand tucked away in a corner.  Sometimes the line could get a few people deep, which was a little difficult since it would run into the start of the buffet line.  

It moved quickly though, so not too long of a wait.  After spending money on drinks at the park, it was a nice to have the drinks included, especially the alcoholic ones.  

Non-alcoholic offerings include:

  • Water
  • Soft drinks
  • Coffee & Tear
  • Signature Drinks:
    • Lunar Lemonade (watermelon lemonade)
    • Jettison Juice (passion orange guava juice with mango syrup)

I loved that they had non-alcoholic specialty drinks for this event.  It’s a neat way for kids to experience the “cool” beverages without the price tag (uh hello $8 lemonade in a character cup with a clip-on light).

We tried three of the alcoholic specialty drinks:

  • Galactic Punch
    • Coconut Rum, Spiced Rum, Mango Syrup, Passion Orange Guava Juice
  • Cosmic Citrus Twist
    • Citrus Vodka and Watermelon Lemonade
  • Light Speed Margarita
    • Tequila, Blood Orange Syrup, Sour Mix, and Lime Juice
  • Swamp Milk
    • Vodka, Melon Liqueur, Vanilla Syrup, topped with Half and Half

I’m not big on melon liqueur nor dairy in my alcohol, so I passed on the Swamp Milk.  The drinks were yummy and refreshing after a long day in the park. 

 I liked that between the two of us, we could try three of the drinks and didn’t worry about spending the money on three cocktails.

Something to note: The bartenders here DO accept tips so you may want to bring some cash with you to the event.

There are to-go cups available for the coffee and tea.  We did use one to take a drink out to the fireworks viewing area, which was a real treat. I didn’t feel like I had to hurry up and finish my drink to get out the fireworks. 

 I didn’t see anyone taking food with them, but I assume you could have taken some if you were still snacking.


As stated, upon arrival we each received a lanyard for the event.  We also each received a Star Wars souvenir, and in our case it was a tie fighter popcorn bucket.  Unfortunately, these were fairly large and we were unable to pack them for our return flight home.  I recommend saving some luggage space for your souvenir.

The Space Itself

What does “The Space Itself” even mean?  Here is where I explain what worked and didn’t work about the dessert party space.

Being inside Star Wars Launch Bay, surrounded by people in Star Wars gear, Star Wars food and drinks, you feel truly immersed into Star Wars.  

It really feels like you’re a part of Star Wars.  The Launch Bay is also air-conditioned!  Who has spent the day in the park when it’s so humid out, and then you think about going to another event and you almost want to skip it? 

Not here, take a break from the heat and the crowds, and enjoy taking a breather before the fireworks.  Also, there is seating!


Once you are done enjoying all the Launch Bay has to offer, about 15 minutes before the fireworks show, the group is escorted out to the viewing area by the storm troopers.  

You can stay inside and continue to enjoy the Launch Bay if you don’t want to head out that early.  We did that and we still had a great view for the fireworks.  

The viewing area is spacious and roped off for guests attending the dessert party.  It is located in front of the Chinese Theater, so guests can enjoy a prime location to see the projections as well as the fireworks.  

I love that this show is more than fireworks, using projections from the films and timing the music just right.  If you don’t have access to this area, it can be tough to find a good spot.  

As a short person, this can be incredibly frustrating. Also, outside of the roped off area, everyone is trying to get a good view, so it’s often tightly packed. 

There is no Fast Pass available for this fireworks show, so essentially you’re buying one with your ticket.  We truly felt VIP within the roped area.  

Exiting the Event

Why do I mention this? If you’re hitting close to bedtime by the end of the event, you want to know how much longer you’re looking at. Unfortunately, as of writing this, the park closes at the conclusion of the fireworks.  

You are in front of the Chinese Theatre.  It can take some time to get from there to the exit.  If Fantasmic! Ends at the at the same time, that can also make you feel like you’re in a funnel trying to leave the park, although Fantasmic! Does have it’s own exit.  

Just take a deep breathe and keep moving out, you’ll get to the exit soon enough!

To sum it up, here is a quick synopsis of the perks:

  • Meet n Greets
    • Get to meet 3 characters with shortened wait times
  • Food & Drinks
    • Variety of savory and dessert options
    • Well-themed to Star Wars
    • Can take items with you outside to the fireworks
  • Souvenirs
    • Lanyard
    • Additional item, varies
  • The Space Itself
    • Launch Bay is air conditioned with seating
    • Firework view is right in front of Chinese theatre (prime viewing)
  • Fireworks
    • Excellent show with excellent view
    • Basically a “fast pass” for these fireworks
  • Theme
    • Food and beverages are well themed
    • The space is immersive
    • You get to be marched out by Storm Troopers

Bottom Line: Is it worth it?


More than dessert, you can enjoy appetizers, as well as a variety of beverages.  With the event available daily, it doesn’t mean you have to move ADRs and other events to work this into your vacation. 

 If you have a Star Wars fan in your party, this event is well-themed and immersive.  The wait time for the Meet and Greets is also a must.  This ticket is basically a well-themed dessert party, with “fast passes” for three Meet and Greets and a fireworks show.  

In addition, if you have someone in your group who wants a break from the Minnie-Mickey Disney (gasp, who would EVER?), this event takes you out of Walt Disney World and it makes you feel like you are in a galaxy far, far away.