The Land Pavilion

An opening day pavilion, this pavilion houses multiple attractions and dining options.

Walking up to the pavilion you will notice two ornate mosaic murals on each side of the entrance. These mosaics were hand crafted by the same husband and wife team that created the Cinderella mosaics at Magic Kingdom.

Each mosaic at The Land is identical except for one lone stone on each side, representing the creators birth stones.

You enter the pavilion on the second floor, overlooking four ornamental hot air balloons hanging from the ceiling. Each one represents a different season as they revolved around the Earth.


  • Awesome Planet (Coming Soon) – This movie will take an in depth look at different parts of nature across the world.
  • Living With The Land – This slow moving boat ride takes guests on a tour through the greenhouses of the pavilion. Many of the plants and fish seen here are used at restaurants all across property.
  • Soarin’ Around The World – This exhilarating attraction takes guests on a flight across famous world landmarks. Guests are seated and in rows and lifted in front of a large IMAX screen. This provides the sensation of flight. Guests will feel the wind and experience the different scents as they fly around.


  • Garden Grill Restaurant – This rotating restaurant is character meal featuring Chip and Dale. Other friends such as Mickey and Pluto will visit guests as well. Each character will be dressed in their finest farming wardrobe.
  • The Land Cart – The small kiosk located out front of the pavilion features various theme park snacks.
  • Sunshine Seasons – This popular quick service location is one of the few places at Epcot where you can get breakfast. This location is a favorite among guests and locals.


  • Soarin’ Gift Shop – This small kiosk located at Soarin’ features attraction specific merchandise.


The Land Pavilion does not offer any entertainment options.