Tips 5 Tips for Getting Through Park Security Bag Check Quickly

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While it’s exciting to see the park entrance, waiting in security bag check can feel stressful and rushed.  Here are our Top 5 Tips to ensure your next park entrance goes smoothly.

Number 1 – Choose The Line You Enter Wisely

More often now people tend to just follow the crowd. Once everyone gets up to security they all just sort of form in line behind one another.

But look to your far left or far right, more often than not there is a completely empty security line! Don’t worry about taking a few moments to scope out the lines instead of just trying to jump in one.

Those few seconds could save you 10+ minutes!

Number 2 – Unzip Everything On Your Bag And/Or Stroller

We’ve all been behind someone with a stroller who seems annoyed and shocked that the security Cast Member will search everything.  Keep in mind, this is for our safety. 

To save some time, start unzipping every pocket, internal and external, so by the time it’s your turn, the Cast Member can quickly review everything in each pocket. 

It may not sound like much, but bags and strollers these days can have several zippers and opening each one does take some time (especially if you have one that’s overstuffed and jammed!)

Number 3 – Use Clear Cosmetic Bags Within Your Bag/Stroller

Sticking along the lines of everything must be checked, I purchased the clear cosmetic bags (like the ones used for flying) to separate my items within my bag. 

Not only does keep my bag/stroller organized, but it also allows Security to see everything in my bag.  This means security doesn’t have to open and search every single item because they can feel and see what’s within the clear pouches. 

Each of these pouches can be pulled out if necessary to access everything within my bag. 

Disney does offer so many cute cosmetic bags it can be hard to use all clear ones.  If you still want your Disney fix within your bag, consider the Disney ziplock bags or a set of cosmetic bags, like these available on Amazon.

Number 4 – Step Aside Once You’re Through

Once you make it through security, pull off to the side to adjust your bag/stroller.  Often times guests walk a couple feet away from the security table and stop there to close every zipper. 

Make sure you step to the side so others can get through.  This is the equivalent of moving along through the park and someone just stops suddenly in front of you. 

Be courteous to those around you and pull over to get yourself settled.

Number 5 – Stay Calm and Friendly

Keep in mind that Security is there to keep you safe.  The thorough search of your bag isn’t to keep you from getting a dole whip any slower, it’s to make sure we’re all safe within the park. 

Having a bad attitude won’t make them go any quicker.  When the bag check line feels chaotic, just remember you’re on vacation, stay happy and humble, and before you know it, you’ll be scanning your MagicBand and taking your first steps into the park!

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