Top 5 Easiest Restaurants To Secure A Last Minute ADR


To some people ADRs, or Advanced Dining Reservations, make or break their trip. You need to book most of these, and definitely all of the popular locations, 180 days out.

That means 6 months before your trip you need to decide which park you’ll be at on that day and where you want to eat. Some restaurants even allow you to pick your meal that far out.

But then at the 60 or 30 day window when you can book your FastPasses, well you might not get your FastPasses and ADR at the same park on the same day. Now what?

Well one option is to not even book them! Although a lot of restaurants definitely require them there are plenty of locations that you can book day of.

We’ll look at some of these easiest ADRs to book. Since it is a Top 5 we’ll look at each park as well as Disney Springs.

Magic Kingdom – Jungle Navigation Co. LTD Skipper Canteen

Jungle Skipper Canteen usually always has availability. To be honest this is because you might need an adventurous pallet to find something to eat.

But there is usually something you can find. The best place about this restaurant is hands down the theming. It is a continuation of the story from The Jungle Cruise, with and Adventurers Club type feel.

The cast will play along with the story and it really makes for a unique dining experience.

Epcot – Biergarten 

While most of the World Showcase restaurants will have availability we had to pick one. I am going with Biergarten in the Germany Pavilion.

The food here is good and anyone in your family should be able to find something to eat. There is live entertainment and a really fun atmosphere. It is definitely a transportative dining experience with great theming.

The only caveat that I have to throw out there is you will most likely be sharing tables. I know this turns some people off from the idea. But just remember that everyone is there on vacation to have a good time!

Hollywood Studios – The Brown Derby

The Brown Derby is a recreation of the original dining location in California. The restaurant hosted many people in the entertainment industry including Walt Disney himself.

The original Brown Derby is actually where the Cobb salad was invented! 

This dining location usually has availability as it is more signature dining and families tend to steer away from it, especially with the cost.

But the food and atmosphere here is great. It is a really good place to get out of the Florida heat.

This restaurant is also part of the Fantasmic Dining Package so you can get a cheaper, pre fixe meal that comes with priority seating for Fantasmic!.

I believe that this restaurant is a must do for at least one trip.

Animal Kingdom – Yak & Yeti

Yak & Yeti between Africa and Asia is a great American/Authentic Chinese restaurant in the park. There is a ton of seating here between two floors, as well as a full bar guests can dine at.

The volume here provides for a lot of available ADRs. Unfortunately this restaurant is run by a third party so no discounts will apply. But if you are a Landry’s member and visit during your birthday month you will have a $25 gift certificate that you can use here.

This is another location that offers great food and drinks, especially the Yak Attack. It is another great place to escape the heat of Animal Kingdom, right in the heart of the park!

Disney Springs – Homecomin

This location may be a little bit tougher than some of the others on our list. However, there are so many restaurants at Disney Springs that you can usually find availability for something. 

Homecomin’ is one of the better dining options at Disney Springs. There will certainly be something on the menu for any type of eater.

There is also a large bar here that you can usually get a seat at.

Also remember that you can book a lot of the dining locations at Disney Springs on OpenTable. Even though the Disney site may not show availability, OpenTable might.

There are also tons of great dining locations at the resorts, more so then the parks themselves. I highly suggest venturing to some of these locations. It is a great way to experience other parts of Walt Disney World!

What do you think are some great restaurants that you usually finally a last minute ADR for? Let us know!

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