Top 5 Quick Service Locations at Walt Disney World


Hello and welcome to the first edition of a Top 5 segment! Here we’ll be discussing the best things to see, eat and do at the Walt Disney World resort. We’ll be touching on all aspects of a trip that everyone can experience whether they’re on a 10 day trip or a five-day trip.

Today I thought we could discuss the Top 5 Quick Service locations on property. When you’re hustling through the parks you may not want to do a sit down meal (or pay for one) but you may be looking for something more than a Mickey Pretzel – well Quick Service is a great option.

The best way to structure this list is to pick one location at each park and one at Disney Springs so no matter where you are you know where to head.There are so many on property so how do you decide where to go and what is worth the time and money? Well that’s what we’re here to discuss so let’s dive in!

Magic Kingdom

If we’re going to be honest here Magic Kingdom park is fairly lackluster when it comes to dining – at least compared to the other three parks. That is not to say that you will not find good food here, the options are just far between.

My vote is going to go to Friar’s Nook in Fantasyland. I could make a good argument for Columbia Harbour House in Liberty Square with its New England flare, second floor seating and hidden bathroom but the food quality at Friar’s Nook is much better.

What you will most likely getting here will be some sort of potato barrel bowl. Honestly how can you go wrong with that.

Friar Nook Menu

My person favorite is the Creamy Bacon Macaroni & Cheese Tots. It comes in a portion large enough to share loaded with bacon bits and sour cream. A meal for two people at $10.99 in the most popular theme park in the world is not bad.

Mac N Cheese Tots

Friar’s Nook also offers Uncrustables for the kids as well as regular potato barrels with cheese. Another great thing about this restauarant is it is one of the few places you can grab the Magic Kingdom themed mug (non-refillable).

So grab your tots a shaded seat outside and watch the hustle and bustle of Fantasyland.


As we travel over to Epcot you may be overwhelmed with just how many Quick Service options there are here. With eleven countries, Future World and a few of the most popular resorts steps away from International Gateway there are choices galore.

We’re going to rule out any festival booths here despite them probably being up while you’re visiting. Our choice here is going to be Sunshine Seasons. I know – in a park that offers so much cuisine how could I pick here? Well let me tell you:

  • There is something for everyone at this location
  • It is set up like a resort food court so anyone can grab what they want and meet back up
  • It has nice large seating area, indoors away from the heat
  • They often have a specialty dessert based on the season or festival that is happening
  • It is one of the few places in Epcot to grab breakfast

As you can see there are a ton of options at reasonable prices. So jump on Soarin’ Over the World, grab some lunch at Sunshine Seasons and then take a calming ride on Living With The Land.

Hollywood Studios

Like the Magic Kingdom pickings here can be slim. But luckily with the fairly recent opening of Toy Story Land we were given a new place to quickly chow down in the parks, Woody’s Lunch Box. The only down side you’ll have here though is a lack of seating but with the recent announcement during then Hollywood Studios 30th anniversary celebration of a new sit down restaurant coming this will hopefully be alleviated.

Toy Story Land.jpg

At Woody’s Lunch Box you’ll find different menus offering both Breakfast and Lunch/Dinner. On the lunch side of things you are looking really three different kinds of sandwiches. They’re all good but the stand out winner here is the BBQ Brisket Melt.


It’s a rich, hearty portion and it comes with different choice sides which is nice.

Woodys Lunchbox.png

Woody's Lunchbox 2

Most importantly you can utilize Mobile Ordering on the My Disney Experience app and place your order ahead of time. So while you are standing in line for Slinky Dog Dash get your order all set and place it when you get off!

Animal Kingdom

If you have been to Animal Kingdom within the last couple year then you know exactly where I am headed. If you haven’t then put this on your must do list – we’re headed to Pandora and going to Satu’li Canteen.



Hands down in my opinion the best Quick Service ON PROPERTY! You’re going to find different mix and match bowls here that you can create – think of an amazingly themed Chipotle. Satu’li Canteen also has some great themed adult beverages.

Satuli Menu 1.png

Aside from the delicious bowls the hot ticket item here are the Cheeseburger Pods. Think of a McDonald’s cheeseburger rolled into a soft warm bao bun. It was once on the full menu, offering two pods, but now can only be found on the kids menu with one.


Satuli 2

This is another one of Walt Disney World’s locations that offers Mobile Ordering. So go ahead and load up you cart with as many pods as you want, they’ll never know you’re not there with any kids! Just don’t tell them that I sent you.

Disney Springs

Last but not least we head over to Disney Springs. Disney Springs has really become a destination as it has evolved over the last few years from Downtown Disney. You could easily spend a whole day here meandering around. This is also one location flush with dining offering dozens of cuisine – Quick Service and sit down.

To narrow this choice down we have to go with what is the quickest and best quality food. If you need to ‘get in grab the Iguanodon and get out’ my choise is going to be The Daily Poutine. This is a little stall right behind World of Disney while leaving The Marketplace near the Lego Store.

They will offer typically four different types of poutine made fresh. To keep you coming back they often put out different seasonal types of poutine as well.

This location has a nice little seating area where some living statues are usually performing. The Daily Poutine does offer alcoholic beverages but there are much more better, themed choices found throughout Disney Springs.

Well that does it! Our first Top Five list down. I hope you find these choices helpful when trying to navigate the amount of options you have at Walt Disney World Resort. We didn’t even get into any of the resorts, water parks or Wide World of Sports!

Please let me know your thoughts of top Quick Service restaurants in the comments below or of any lists you would like to see!