Top 5 Touring Tips For Long Park Days

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A day at the Disney Parks can be very long. If you’re going commando on your trip you can be at Early Morning Magic Hours at one park for 7AM and closing out another at 11PM.

But even if you’re not going that hard on your trip the days can still get long. Most people wish they had a vacation after their Disney vacation.

I thought it would be good to go through some of the tricks I use to get through those long days.

Tip 1 – Head Back To Your Resort

If you’re staying on property or can easily get back to your room head back there in the late afternoon.

Spend a few hours away from the parks and spend it relaxing at your room. Jump in the pool or just freshen up to help you catch your second wind.

I know you have a limited time to get in everything that you want to do but spending two hours off your feet running around can give you another 5+ in the parks.

Tip 2 – Plan A Sit Down Dinner

You never want to plan three sit down meals in a single day. The amount of food, time and money it takes up is just too much.

If you know you have a long day planned though schedule doing a table service dinner that day.

It will give you a few hours off your feet and in the AC. You can replenish your energy with food and drink and get ready to hustle the parks the rest of the night,

Tip 3 – Bring A Backpack

Security lines at Disney are certainly not the most efficient but if you’re planning on a long day in the parks bring a backpack.

Suffer through that security line once in the morning and have the comfort and ease of a bag all day long.

You can load your bag with snacks, water, phone chargers, cooling towels – anything you need to get you through the day.

If you inevitably buy some souvenirs you can toss them right in your bag. There is nothing worse than buying something and carrying that bag around all the time.

I spent my first 10+ years of visiting not bringing a bag and can’t imagine touring without one now. The convenience of it is unparalleled.

Jus make sure you bring one that doesn’t have too many pockets as security will make you open each one individually.

Tip 4 – Split Up The Parks

If you are using a Park Hopper split up where you start and end your days. There’s more than enough to do at any park but you don’t want to be fatigued by spending 12 hours there in one day.

If you start your day at Magic Kingdom plan on taking the Monorail over to Epcot for the night to catch IllumiNations.

This will help break up your day and give you a second wind as you go to do some of the other park offerings.

A couple days later do the opposite because all of the parks do need to be experienced during the day and night.

Mix and match any of the parks! You’ll get a break from the heat on an air conditioned bus too.

Tip 5 – Go To Disney Springs

Disney Springs has become its own destination in the last few years. Back when it was Downtown Disney, after Pleasure Island closed, you could walk through the area in a few hours.

Now there are tons of high quality places to grab a quick bite or a specialty cocktails.

Disney Springs is usually lighter on crowds during the day and gets much busier at night. Mosts guests are visiting the parks during the day and visit Disney Springs at night with the locals.

There are dozens of shops you can walk through offering all different types of souvenirs, apparel, jewelry and much more. Just make sure whatever you buy you send back to your resort – if shopping at a Disney store.

If it is after 4PM you can grab a bus right from the park you’re at. When you’re ready to head back to the parks just jump on whatever resort bus is currently at the stop or walk over to Saratoga Springs and grab a bus form there.

Using a ride share service or Minnie Van is also an option – and the quickest.

What are some of the tips you use for those long park days? Let me know!

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