Top 5 Walt Disney World Scents

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This week I thought it would be fun to look at what we think are the Top 5 scents on Walt Disney World property.

All five of your scents are fully engaged while on property, whether it is on purpose or subliminal.

Let’s take a look at what we think are the best!

Number 5 – Soarin’ Around The World

Soarin’ Around The World in Epcot uses scents to help make you feel as though are really in the areas you are flying over.

The best scent used here is when flying over the African Savannah. They captured the scent of grass and dirt. It’s weird but you’ll know it as soon as it hits you.

You get the scent in passing and it really just elevates the scene that you are watching.

Number 4 – Grand Floridian Lobby

The lobby at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa has a specific scent that every Disney fan will instantly recognize. It is the same scent used at Disney’s Contemporary Resort so this one is really a two-for.

It’s a scent of mixed Aloe and Jasmine that is fresh and clean. The scent is really refined and elevates the story of the resort.

Most of the Deluxe resorts have an associated scent but this one is our favorite.

Number 3 – Pirates of the Caribbean

Now it’s really the water of Walt Disney World that has a bromine agent in it to maintain cleanliness but the scent of the water is really prominent in the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction at Magic Kingdom.

A boat ride indoors just really locks in the scent. It is very distinct and to us is really one of the defining characteristics of the attraction.

Number 2 – Main Street Popcorn

One of the most transformative techniques to transport you to Fourth of July at the turn of the century on Main Street, U.S.A. is the scents.

Of course there is the Main Street Bakery that pumps its confectionary scents out into the thoroughfare to attract customers. But to me, the best scent on Main Street is the little red popcorn cart right at the entrance.

This is a classic park snack and the aroma takes over the Town Square. There’s nothing better than grabbing a box and walking down Main Street.

Also, although its not really allowed, grabbing your popcorn and jumping on the Walt Disney World Railroad System (although currently down for the construction of Tron) and snacking around the Grand Circle Tour!

Number 1 – Rome Burning

Now this scent has its fans and people that despise. We fall into the fan category. Rome Burning is a scene in Spaceship Earth at Epcot, which as you guesses is embers burning.

It is near the beginning of the attraction on your left, but the scent takes over the whole, short, scene.

Like Pirates it is one of those scents that really makes the attraction because it is so distinct.

What are some of your favorite scents of Walt Disney World. We are not affiliated in any way, just fans, but Magical Candle Company has a lot of the scents that you can have in your home!

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