Top 5 Walt Disney World Snacks

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With the high cost of snacks at Disney World we need to pick and choose what we spend our money or snack credits on.

What better way to choose then by looking at the Top 5 Snacks on Walt Disney World property!

Number 5 – Churro

Now if we were in Disneyland this would be number 1, but since this is Disney World we’re going to place it at number 5.

You can get Churros at all four parks and they have different variations of them. Unfortunately none of them are Mickey shaped but we’ll let that slide.

The quintessential location to get your churro though is right in the Hub at Magic Kingdom. I like to grab my churro and go sit on the benches at the entrance to Liberty Square or right on the short wall surrounding the Hub.

Number 4 – Turkey Leg

The turkey leg is another snack you can get at most parks but where you need to get one is Frontierland.

Having in this land just feels in theme. The legs are nice and moist with a crisp skin.

If you have never have one these are not ordinary turkey legs..they are larger than life! This is a snack that you will definitely be sharing.

You are bound to always see someone walking around with one.

Number 3 – Cheeseburger Egg Rolls

Over in Adventureland at Magic Kingdom you can find a fairly unique park snack – the cheeseburger egg rolls. These are sold at a cart over near The Jungle Cruise.

It is important to note that to date these are not part of the Disney Dining Plan.

You get two, fairly decent sized egg rolls for about $7 which, to me, is a good value.

They do offer a buffalo chicken one and these can be mixed and matched together for your two.

They sometimes can be a little greasy so you’ll want to grab some napkins and seat. There’s some great themed benches out front of Skipper Canteen to grab a seat!

Number 2 – Mickey Bar

The Mickey Bar is arguably the most well known park snack at Walt Disney World.

You can get these things everywhere, even Disney Springs. This is a great snack for those hot, Florida days. Just eat it before it melts!

My favorite spots to get one are right in Fantasyland or outside of The Land Pavilion in Epcot.

Adults and kids of all ages love a good Mickey Bar!

Number 1 – Mickey Pretzel

In my option the Mickey pretzel is the best snack on property. I get one every trip down. Shame you have to pay extra for the cheese sauce but it’s worth it.

I was even looking for them over in Aulani when visiting there.

This pretzel is, of course, Mickey shaped. The flavor is no different than, say, a Wetzel’s Pretzel but because it is shaped like Mickey it just tastes better.

You can get these all over property and it is never a miss. The pretzel is another great, shareable snack.

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