Top 5 Ways You Know Your Disney Vacation Has Started


If you’re reading this blog then chances are that you too are giant Disney nerd and love visiting Walt Disney World.

The feeling you get at Disney is a feeling that you chase every day. I thought it would be fun to list out some of the ways you know you’re finally home.

Number 5 – Boarding Disney’s Magical Express

Disney's Magical Express

This is number 5 because it is the most obvious and that is boarding Disney’s Magical Express.

At this point you’re already rocking your MagicBand and wearing it with pride as you meet the waving Cast Members with the giant Mickey hands down in Terminal B.

You queue up with all the other excited families as the anticipation of being steps away from Walt Disney World grows more and more. The Cast Member finally rolls the MagicBand reader over to you and it’s time to board.

Once on the motor coach you are greeted with videos of Disney shorts and Parks Blog showcasing different parts of the resort. These keeps you distracted long enough until you finally make it to the ‘Walt Disney World Resort’ archway.

You’re finally on property and depending on your stop start doing a mini resort tour counting down to your resort.

Number 4 – Must Do Disney

Must Do Disney

You turn on the TV in your room and the classic ‘WDW Today’ channel is on but you click up a couple and find Must Do Disney.

Nothing like Stacey Aswad running you through all the things that you have to look forward to in the coming days. I mean you’ve already planned your trip down to a science and know exactly what you’re going to do but still, it’s a right of passage.

You’ve been watching this channel every trip for the last 10+ years and it helps remind you that you’re now in the Disney bubble.

Number 3 – Boarding Your First WDW Bus

Walt Disney World Bus

There is nothing like finally making it to your resort and boarding your first WDW Bus. You’re on your way to a theme park, great attractions and great food.

You make your way around property, see the nicely manicured landscaping, attraction billboards (Looking at you Tower of Terror), park and resort weenies all around you.

Then as you’re approaching your park the arrival spiel kicks in and the fun is really about to start.

Number 2 – Riding Your First Attraction

The Haunted Mansion

Now to some the food is the attraction but nothing beats boarding an Imagineering marvel. Whether your favorite is a classic, like The Haunted Mansion, or the most technologically impressive, such as Flight of Passage, you know you’re at Disney when sitting down on your first attraction.

You’ve been traveling down to Central Florida, whether by car or plane and it has been a long trip, but all that hard work is about to pay off. All of those inconveniences and the stress of life will be completely out of mind for a few minutes.

Number 1 – Your’e Home

Cinderella Castle

The Number 1 way to you know you’re home? You turn that corner from Main Street, U.S.A. (from the right because no one enters from the left) and come face to face with Cinderella’s Castle.

You did it! You’re home! You hear the soundtrack from Summermagic, smell the fresh popcorn and draw yourself into Cinderella’s Castle where Walt and Mickey are greeting you!

What are some of the ways that you and your family know you’ve finally started your Walt Disney World vacation?

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