Top Five Packing Tips for the Serious Planner

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While packing can be a nightmare for some (raises hand), I’ve compiled my best tips for packing and being prepared. 

It can be fun to prepare in advance and save you loads of time once you’re at the parks.

Try Out Your Clothes

We’ve all been there.  Along with your trip countdown, you’re also counting down the pounds to lose so you look great in your Photo Pass Photos. 

This is why I suggest taking some time to try out your clothes and make sure you’re happy and comfortable in what you have on.  There’s nothing worse than running late for the bus on vacation because you hate what you have. 

Ideally, I do this at least a month in advance so I can buy whatever I need for vacation.  Keep in mind, what will feel comfortable seated on a roller coaster (and if you’re a lady planning to wear a mini skirt, keep that in mind for say, Space Mountain).

Also, if you live in New England and you’re going to visit WDW in January, your summer clothes may feel differently after the holidays. 

Save yourself some time and heart ache and just try your clothes before you check in to the hotel.


While I do not Disney Bound, I do like to wear shirts and accessories appropriate for whatever park I am visiting; i.e. Star Wars shirt and R2D2 earrings in Hollywood Studios, Mickey shirt in Magic Kingdom, The Lion King shirt and bracelet in Animal Kingdom, etc. 

This is something I plan before I even arrive.  I like to fit in with the theming, but also, I like certain shirts with certain shorts, leggings, etc., so I may sure I follow Tip Number 1. 

I also take pictures of my outfits together so I can remember how I wanted to pair items together when I arrive. 

On the mornings when I wake up still tired from the previous night’s excitement, I’ve been glad to just look at a photo and remember what I wanted to wear.


While I love cute footwear, gone are the days I wear flip flips in the park unless it’s a few hours and they’re a high quality shoe. 

I look back on photos of my younger days in the parks and see myself in flip flops and don’t know how I did several laps around World Showcase like that. 

I like to bring at least two pairs of shoes to switch off so 1.) I don’t get blisters, 2.) The shoes can air out, and 3.) If I get caught in rain I have an alternative. 

I’m into the Adidas and Dr. Scholl’s slip ons for something cute and stylish.  I’ve also seen Crocs coming out with different styles, but I have yet to delve into it.

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes have changed my life, for real!  I use packing cubes to separate by outfit, or article of clothing. 

It saves me so much time trying to find things in my suitcase without destroying it.  Plus, you can use them throughout your vacation to pack dirty clothes. 

If I do outfits, I label them by day so I stick with my Theming from Tip Number 2.  If I do articles of clothing, I don’t usually label them since the mesh allows me to see through them. 

It also makes packing easier since you’re fitting cubes into your suitcase and not just cramming clothes in. 

We use a different color cube for each person so it makes it easier to know who’s cubes belong to who.

Separate Cubes Across Suitcases

Since everything is nicely packed into packing cubes, my husband and I split our cubes between two suitcases. 

This way, if only one arrives to the room, we both have clothes to access.  I’ll admit, I’ve never had a suitcase go missing, but if I did, I’d be relieved if I had a couple outfits and some pajamas available until it was located. 

By using our own cube color(s), we can quickly separate out our items.

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