Top Tips For Touring Those Humid Park Days

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Some days at the theme park can be brutally humid.  Here are some tips for how to stay comfortable in the heat and humidity.

Wear Moisture Wicking Clothes

Nowadays, athleisure is in, and you can easily find stylish moisture wicking clothes that still show my Disney love. 

I’ve purchased moisture wicking Star Wars shirts from Under Armour, moisture wicking shorts from TJ’s, and moisture wicking apparel from Etsy. 

These can provide some comfort throughout the day so your clothes don’t get soaked in sweat and clung to your body.

Bring A Change of Clothes

I wouldn’t normally bring a change of clothes to the park, but one particular year I wanted to change my outfit for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. 

I didn’t realize how heavy my shirt and shorts had felt and how just changing into something loose and clean would make me feel like a new person.

Also, if you find you have a little one who wants to use the splashing pad to cool off, it would be great to have a change of clothes on hand.

Cooling Towels

These can be up for debate since the cooling effect only lasts a few seconds, but they are lightweight and don’t drip all over you. 

If you’re a guy with a sweaty head and neck, may be work consideration just to cool off those areas. 

Storing these with ice will help keep them colder too.  If you purchase these outside of the park, they are cheaper than what is available in the park.  At a typical price of $4.99, it’s worth a shot.

Handheld Misting Fan

A handheld fan blowing the hot air around you, not effective.  A handheld fan blowing ice cold mist around you, very effective. 

These fans aren’t just for kids!  They can be refilled with the free ice water from any quick service location. 

I recommend purchasing these prior to your trip as they can be expensive in the park.

Make A Lunch ADR to Enjoy AC

I can remember one day it was SO HOT at the Magic Kingdom.  By chance, we had a lunchtime ADR at The Plaza Restaurant.  You check-in for this restaurant at a stand outside.  While we were checking in, the door to the restaurant would occasionally open and we’d get these cooling waves from the restaurant’s AC and it was glorious.  Usually, we ADR for breakfast and dinner and see where the day takes us for lunch.  However, taking a break midday by sitting indoors in air conditioning sipping a cold drink really helped our party find the second wind we needed for the latter half of our day.  It gave us all some time to relax without having to leave the park.

Store Your Sunscreen With Your Ice Water

I came across this by accident.  I had kept a couple water bottles with my sunscreen in a leakproof bag within my backpack. 

When I reapplied my sunscreen, it was nice and cool.  You can also purchase cooling sunscreen, but if you’re partial to a brand that isn’t cooling, this is a nice way to achieve that effect.

Drink Water

This seems obvious, but the heat and humidity can zap your energy; energy you need for a full day in the park! 

Make sure you’re drinking enough ice cold water.  Each sip will help cool you down.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Using essential oil on bare skin can be tricky and some people do have reactions, but putting a little on the back of your neck can cool you down and give you chills all over! 

You can bring a roller ball to apply, or put some in your hand and then touch the back of your neck. 

It’s something small to carry with you but it can have a big effect.  Just be sure the type you’re using is safe for skin application (doTERRA Peppermint Touch goes for $14.50 wholesale).

Body Wipes

You can purchase single packets of body wipes and/or deodorant wipes to freshen up throughout the day. 

It’s something small and disposable to carry (although probably not the best choice for the environment).  It could make a difference in your comfort throughout the day.

Mickey Bars are always a great idea!

Treat yo self!  Think about all the steps you’re getting in and all the calories you’re burning and you’ll break even with a Mickey bar or ice cream sandwich. 

A chilled sweet treat can really hit the spot on some of those hot days.

If you’re wondering how to carry all of this around please check out our article about touring the parks with a backpack and what we carry in ours!