UK Pavilion

The UK is the tenth pavilion in the World Showcase, located between France and Canada.

The pavilion is comprised of England, Ireland and Scotland. The cuisine and culture of each is represented throughout the pavilion.

Guests can wander through the different shops and gardens, including a hedge maze located in the back of the pavilion.

The pub here is often popular, especially on those humid days, creating an energetic atmosphere.


Mary Poppins Attraction (In Development) – A Mary Poppins themed attraction will be coming to the UK pavilion.


  • Rose & Crown Dining Room – This table service location serves guests authentic UK cuisine.
  • Rose & Crown Pub – Located next to the Dining Room, this authentic pub serves up classic English drinks.
  • UK Beer Cart – Located near the entrance to the restaurant guests can purchase beer and wine.
  • Yorkshire County Fish Shop – Located at the end of the pavilion guests can purchase authentic fish and chips.


  • The Crown & Crest – The Crown & Crest carries UK apparel and goods.
  • Lords and Ladies – This location carries fine goods and beauty products.
  • The Queen’s Table – This small shop carries tea sets and other housewares.
  • Sportsman Shoppe – This location, at the front of the pavilion, carries pavilion and Guinness merchandise.
  • The Tea Caddy – On the left side of the pavilion, here guests can purchase authentic British tea and sweets.
  • The Toy Soldier – This location near the back of the pavilion carries different toys, including Winnie The Pooh.