When To Consider Purchasing an AP

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With all the different ticket options available to you it may be difficult to know what you actually need, or what will get you the most value.

For most trips every couple of years a standard Single Day Ticket or Park Hopper will work. But what if you like to visit more than once a year or a doing a long trip? Is an Annual Pass worth it? Let’s look at when upgrading to an AP is beneficial.

What Is An Annual Pass

To start we should look at what an Annual Pass (AP) is. There are different types of APs for Florida and Non-Florida residents. For this article we’ll look at Non-Florida residents.

If you are a Florida resident you are able to pay for your AP monthly throughout the year, Non-Florida residents do not have this option.

The main two passes are the Platinum and Platinum Plus. The Platinum Pass gets you access to all four theme parks, free parking and different discounts. The Platinum Plus also gets you access to some of the other recreation on property, including the 2 water parks.

When Is Switching To An AP Beneficial

The rule of thumb is for any trip that is 11 days or longer, total within a year, you get more value out of an AP than buying single day tickets.

Regardless if you are doing one long stay, two different weeks in the same calendar year or a few small trips; as long as you are visiting more than 11 days the AP is worth the cost.

Your daily average cost drops significantly after this window with an AP compared to a standard ticket type.

Other Cost Benefits

Dining Discounts

Annual Passholders receive a lot of dining discounts just by showing their card at different locations.

AP holders are also able to purchase a Tables In Wonderland card, which gives 20% off most dining locations, including alcohol. The card does cost $150 for the first member, but it covers up to 10 people. Most get the value back just after a few meals.

Memory Maker

Along with AP membership guests are able to get Memory Maker free for a year. This gives you access to download all of your PhotoPass photos ($170 value) taken by photographers or on ride.

Specialty Ticketed Events Discounts

AP Holders receive discounts on most Specialty Ticketed Events held throughout the year. Including After Hours Events, Halloween parties and Christmas parties.

AP Events

All throughout the year additional AP events and perks are added! Most of the events are free and get you extra time in the parks.

Next time you are booking your trip, check out to see if an AP is more beneficial to you and your family.

Remember, that not every member of your party needs to an AP to get all of the additional benefits. As long as the passholder is present the discount can be used!

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