World Showcase

The eleven countries that make up World Showcase are:

The World Showcase is the second half to Epcot, along with Future World.

Featuring different pavilions of host countries around the world guests can experience and learn new cultures.

World Showcase features some of the most unique dining, shopping and entertainment found anywhere, not just in a theme park.

The pavilions are all situated in a circle around the promenade. Guests can walk the Showcase and meander in and out of each pavilion.

The World Showcase Promenade, wrapping the World Showcase Lagoon, is what connects all of the hosted countries along World Showcase.

World Showcase features its own park entrance, known as International Gateway. Here is where guests will find the Disney Skyliner station connecting the park to other parts of the resort.

The Promenade features some of its own dining and shopping locations, not tied to a pavilion.




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